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Labeling film

Labeling film Labeling film is a special plastic film that has been designed for further processing in cutting plotters or, in many cases, can be printed using the digital or offset process. Labeling films are available in many different designs. The main areas of application are in the field of advertising, especially in outdoor advertising . Here, the labeling film for the labeling of vehicles, shop windows, advertising signs, advertising tarpaulins, stencils, blinds and more recently also for bonding to house facadesis used. Car wrappings are very popular with taxi companies. In some federal states, the color light ivory...

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How to calculate what the weight of a specific spec product should be

How to calculate what the weight of a specific spec product should be: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BLOWN AND CAST STRETCH FILMS Differences Between Blown Blown Stretch Film And Cast Stretch Films Differences between blown and cast stretch films is the process in which they are produced and manufactured. These differences also make a big impact on the usability of the film and its pricing. Cape Town affordable stretching film’s limits, different blown film and stretch films and pallet wrap film manufacturers. Wrapping Machine Industry Standard Profiles Wrapping Machine Industry Standard Profiles FILM PROPERTIES BLOWN STRETCH FILM CAST STRETCH FILM   Excellent holding properties in use. Will stretch after application so LOAD RETENTION Will not stretch much further after application. palletised loads can be less stable.           Good material memory to return     FILM MEMORY to original size. Less material memory than blown fi lm.           Has increased stretch and can wrap     FILM YIELD more pallets with the same length. Not as much stretch as blown fi lm.           Manufacturing process creates greater     PUNCTURE RESISTANCE resistance to breakage of fi lm. Tearing can occur when fi lm is highly stressed           1 sided cling, useful for higher load retention Can have cling on both sides that can cause CLING OF...

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